As an entrepreneur, it is important to understand why consulting a lawyer can be critical to the success of your small business.

It is less expensive and time consuming to retain the services of a lawyer who can properly prepare the legal documentation your business requires, than it is to retain a lawyer to resolve issues that can occur without the proper documentation. Lawyers are trained to interpret the law, and  as such, are very useful when starting a business. Sometimes, the processes and forms company needs to operate may seem easy, but legal transactions are more often than not more complex than they initially appear.



Contracts1  If you have conducted business with a lawyer in settling a real estate transaction or for any other personal reason, he/she may refer you to a lawyer in business law. Talk to people around you and ask if they have a law firm they would recommend. One with whom they have done business in the past, and were satisfied. Many lawyers will meet with you for the first free of charge, in order to establish the expectations of both sides.

A professional attorney can normally take care of your daily activities. If you need help in regards to complex business subjects, such as equity financing and/or intellectual property rights, you will be better served by retaining the services of a lawyer who specializes in those areas.

Be sure to work with a law firm that you can trust. One who is open and upfront about the requirements for payments/settlements, along with working in a language you understand, and providing you with full disclosure about your case.