Wills (Testaments)

       A Last Will and Testament is a written document by which a person assigns how their assets will be distributed after their death.

last-will-testament     Drawing up a professional Last Will should be done in the presence of an attorney or notary. A Last Will is dictated by the testator. There are different Last Will forms considered legal under Thai Law. It is in your best interest to make sure that your Last Will corresponds to these forms. If not, your Last Will could very well be deemed as void by a Thai Court.

    The most important aspect of a Last Will is that it respects and honours your intentions after your death. Your Last Will should include the specific dispositions on how you wish to distribute your property, along with clauses pertaining to your funeral arrangements. Finally, it is important to appoint an administrator of estate, often called the executor or trustee in Common Law countries.

        Not only should you write a Last Will, but you should probably think about who will receive a copy, and how you will preserve this document. Our law firm has a fireproof safe where we can deposit and secure your Last Will, free of charge, as long as you wish. Upon request we can provide you with a secured electronic copy of your Last Will, which you can entrust to the person of your choice. As always you have the option of keeping your Last Will secret, or having a copy sent to your embassy.